How do I edit the rates for specific days?

Set Specifics: Edit rates for holidays, or any special day in the week

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You can easily edit rates with your calendar. 

All you need to do is: 

  1. Log into 

  2. Go to Your Spaces    

  3. Select Edit Calendar on the space you wish to edit. 

4. Just pick the date you want using the click and drag function on the calendar, or by selecting the dates from the drop down menu. 

  • You can change the rate, which includes VAT and Fillit fees. 

  • You can add a note to the date or dates

  • Don't forget to hit 'Save'. 

5. You can also edit the rates for a specific day during the week, like a Saturday

6. Click Set Specifics
7. Click Set Individual Days and click the day you want from the drop down menu.

8. Edit the rate, which includes VAT and Fillit fees. 

Don't forget to hit Save! 

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