How do I book a space?

Request to book, tell the landlord your idea, pitch, payment options

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So you've found the perfect space, but how do you actually book it?

Step One: Pick a date 

Click on the From and To boxes underneath the price. A calendar will pop up.
Pick the dates, then click the pink Request Space button. 

Step Two: Review Cart

Review your choice and check the details.
Add more spaces if you like, then click the pink Continue button.

Step Three: Pitch 

This is the most important step! The landlord is more likely to accept your request if you tell them all the details. Add pictures, ideas, insurance, the kitchen sink! 

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Step Four: Add a card

Add your card details or let us know if you want to look at alternative payment options. 

Adding your card at this step is just to secure your dates. Your card would only be charged if the landlord accepts your enquiry

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What's next? 

When your enquiry is sent, you should hear back from the landlord within 24-48 hours. We follow up with the landlords to ensure you get a response as soon as possible! 

You will get an email notification when the landlord responds.

Still unsure? If you have any more questions, please contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you! 

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