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What's a letter of indemnity? Do I need one?
What's a letter of indemnity? Do I need one?

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If a space requires liability insurance, the landlord will have noted this on the listing in the Additional Info section. 

Note that some spaces require additional insurance, such as a letter of indemnity. 

What is a letter of indemnity? 

A letter of indemnity is related to your public liability insurance, and is sometimes requested by a landlord. It means that if a public liability claim arises, the landlord and any interested parties are not liable. 

How do I get specific indemnity? 

Contact your public liability provider, and advise that you need to add indemnity for the specified parties on your policy. This may or may not have an additional cost, depending on your insurance provider. 

It's important to send your insurance documents to the landlord, either as a Message, or you can upload it to your pitch.

Tenants are responsible for providing their insurance, and landlords are responsible for ensuring that the insurance is satisfactory.  

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