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Tenant Support: teams, making bookings together, using a shared account

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You've been invited to a Team on Fillit...

When you join a team on Fillit, you can make Bookings easily with your friends, business partners, or coworkers. 

  • All your Bookings made as a team can be accessed when you Switch to your Team.  You'll see a green button where you can easily switch to Team mode 

  • Your Team has it's own dashboard, with everything you need. You can access the team Bookings, Messages and Account from the drop down menu under the Team name. 

How do I make a booking as a Team? 

It's easy! Ensure you've switched into Team mode, and send enquiries as normal. 

We'll remind you as you send enquiries if you're logged into Team as you enquire.

How do I check my Team payments? 

Your team payment methods, invoices, and more can be found by going to your Account.  
Your default Team payment method will be used for any Bookings. 

If you have more questions or doubts, please contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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