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How much does Fillit charge?
How much does Fillit charge?

Fees, charges, refunds.

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Listing a space on Fillit is completely free, and landlords can list as many spaces as they want. Fillit only charges a 15% service fee to landlords when a booking made.

What does this service fee include?

  • The costs of running Fillit. 

  • Protection of your rights as a Fillit user by ensuring the enforcement of the Policies and Agreements that are fair to you. 

  • Fillit's support throughout the renting process, during and after the event.

I'm a landlord. What do I need to know?

As a landlord, all you have to do is set your booking rates. The system will automatically calculate the overall booking price once the tenant selects the dates.
The service fees have been moved to the landlord side. To ensure you don't lose out during this change over we have increased your rates by 10%. There's no need to adjust anything, we've done that for you.

I'm a tenant. What do I need to know?

As a tenant, you will see an estimate of what you can expect to pay for the booking. The fees are calculated automatically and the system will provide you with the payment breakdown so you know exactly what you would be paying for.

After the booking is confirmed and if the event goes ahead, the payment is processed when the cancellation period expires and it is held in escrow until the first day of the booking. Then, the service fee will be deducted and the payment will be transferred to the landlord's bank account.

...Anything else?

 If landlords don't charge to rent their space, Fillit doesn't charge a service fee.

If you have any more questions, contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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