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I'm a landlord. What's the process for me?
I'm a landlord. What's the process for me?

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To learn everything you need to know about listing and managing your space on Fillit, go to How it works: Listing a Space, but here's a quick step by step overview:

Step 1

List your space and set your rates, describe your space and block out your calendar for the dates your space will be unavailable. 

The Fillit Team are on hand to help you list your space. If you want to be listed by us, just give us a shout. 

Related article: How do I list a space? 

Step 2

Once your space goes live on Fillit it's only a matter of time before a tenant submits an enquiry, so sit back and relax! You'll get a notification by email the second someone pitches to your space.

Step 3

Review the pitch and assess if it's suitable and if your space is available. You can accept the enquiry, decline it, or ask for more information. 

If you need the Fillit team to get in touch with the tenant, or respond on your behalf, just ask. 

Step 4

If you accept the pitch and the License Agreement,  then it's back to the tenant to enter their credit card details to lock in the booking.

You'll get an email to notify you when the tenant has confirmed their booking. 

Step 5

If things don't work out, you or the tenant can cancel completely free of charge up to your chosen cancellation period. 

If the event goes ahead, payment will be processed automatically after the cancellation period expires, and it will be held in escrow until the first day of the event after which the Fillit service fee will be deducted and the rental fee will be transferred to the Landlord's bank account within 3-4 days.

If you have any more questions, contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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