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Help! How much should I charge for my space?
Help! How much should I charge for my space?

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The price you set for your space is entirely up to you. Not sure? Get in touch! Our team is happy to help you determine the right daily rate based on similar spaces in your area.

About the 'Daily Rate':

We know that all events are different and rates may vary, so the ‘daily rate’ should state the minimum amount you’ll rent the space for. It’s just a guide for the tenant to get a sense of how much they can expect to pay for renting your space - you can adjust the rate later to give a bespoke price depending on the event or enquiry you receive for the space.

Daily rates are inclusive of a of 23% VAT, so please take this into consideration when setting your price. 

About amending the rates:

We understand that the final booking price will depend on a number of factors, such as the duration of the booking or other potential requirements the tenant has. That's why you can amend the price when responding to an enquiry. Follow the steps below to learn how to amend the rates:

  1. Log in to Fillit

  2. Go to Bookings

  3. Click on Unanswered Enquiries

  4. Click on the View/Edit Rates button (right-hand side menu)

  5. Update the rates and click Accept this Enquiry

The tenant will receive a notification letting them know you've accepted the booking and adjusted the rates based on their request. It's now their turn to lock it in. 

About the Service Fee: 

Fillit only charges a 15% service fee when a booking has been confirmed. Before, the 15% was split between the landlord (5%) and the tenant (10%), but we have transferred the fees over to the landlord side. This change does not affect the total amount you will receive for your bookings.  The system will automatically boost your booking rate by 10% to accommodate for this. 

This change allows us to provide a more accurate and transparent price breakdown to tenants when they're using the platform to submit enquiries. So they know exactly what they're paying for.
If you have any more questions, contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!


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