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I'm a landlord. What fees do I pay?
I'm a landlord. What fees do I pay?

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Fillit has unified the service fees and has transferred them to the landlord's side.  The 15% service fee is automatically calculated based on the booking rates you have set for your space.

What does this service fee include?

  • The costs of running Fillit. 

  • You can list as many spaces as you want, no added cost.

  • You can edit all your listings as many times as you want in real time.

  • You can manage all your spaces from one single Dashboard that allows you to take bookings, amend prices, decline enquiries, and much more from your mobile device or laptop.

  • Protection of your rights as a Fillit user by ensuring the enforcement of the Policies and Agreements that are fair to you.

  • The costs of doing all the paperwork. No more hassle, no need to invoice tenants separately, no need to worry about transfers, etc. Your transaction history, invoices, bank account details, etc. saved on the system and available 24/7 to download and print. 

  • Safe and reliable online payment methods. 

  • Transparency and peace of mind. The Fillit team is prepared to help you in case your expectations are not met.

  • Fillit's support throughout the renting process, during and after the event.

...Anything else?

If you've listed your space free of charge, the service fee is €0.

If you have any more questions, contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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