How do I respond to an enquiry?

Landlord support: Confirm a booking, decline a booking, answer an enquiry, respond to a booking, edit a rate, answer a request

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Once you have a listed a space on Fillit, it will be seen by people browsing the site and hopefully you'll start to receive requests. 

You will receive an email and (if you've added your phone number) an SMS when you get a request for your space.

What next? 

Your email will show you a preview of the enquiry.
Click the pink Respond Now button - this will bring you to your Bookings in Fillit

Your Bookings 

The bookings page gives you a snapshot of any enquiries, and will show you any enquiries you haven't responded to yet. You can also filter by date or status to find confirmed bookings, cancelled bookings and more.

You'll see the booking you received, with some key information like dates.

To see the enquiry in full, click View/ Edit 

You'll see some information like prices and days, and if you scroll down you will see the full enquiry. You can also click to download the insurance from here.

There are four actions you can take on a booking: 

1. Edit Enquiry

If you're happy to accept an enquiry, but with different dates, a different space, or even a different price you can change the details. 

Just change things as needed, and click Edit Enquiry. The tenant will receive an email letting them know the changes!

2. Other Reply 

Maybe you have some questions for the tenant about their plans, but don't want to give a definite answer just yet. Click Other Reply to send a message to the tenant. We have some suggestions but you can also write your own unique message to them. 

3. Decline

If the date isn't free or the tenant just isn't the right fit, you can decline their request. Again, you can write your own unique message explaining why you can't accept them at this time. 

4. Accept 🎉

If you're happy to go ahead with the enquiry, simply click accept! Note that you will be agreeing to the temporary license agreement. You can also accept with added documents

It's important to keep an eye on your email, in case the tenant sends you a message about the booking. 

If you have more questions or doubts, please contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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