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What if I can't pay by card?
What if I can't pay by card?

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If you've used Fillit before to make a booking, you probably paid by card.

Now on Fillit, we are testing a Beta to allow other payment methods.
If you can't pay by credit card, we are adding an option for tenants to create a Credit Transfer account. Exciting! 

How do I get started on Credit Transfer?  

  • You need to ask a Fillit team member if you wish to be set up on Credit Transfer. We will approve your eligibility for this payment method. 

  • When you are set up on Credit Transfer, you get a unique IBAN to pay into 

  • You can credit your account as much as you like for future events  

When do I have to make payment? 

  • Your deadline to pay by credit transfer is 5 days before the event. 

How do I get my invoice?  

When you confirm a booking, you will receive an email with the invoice.
You can see all your invoices, at any time if you go to Account > Transaction History

When are the payments taken?  

Payments are taken from your Credit Balance when the cancellation period for your booking ends. As long as your account is credited with enough for your next booking, you're good to go! 

What happens if I miss the deadline for my payment? 

Cards can still be used as a payment method at any stage up to the cancellation period end date (usually 48 hours before the event).
You can change your payment method by adding a credit card.

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What happens if I want to cancel a credit transfer booking? 

Refunds can be issued before the cancellation date and a reverse credit transfer is made back the bank account it was paid out from.

If you have any more questions, contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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