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What happens if I miss a credit transfer payment?
What happens if I miss a credit transfer payment?

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If you are approved to pay by Credit Transfer, we advise a 5 working day deadline for you to make payment. 

This deadline ensures that 

  • The payment is received before your event, securing your booking. 

  • Fillit will be able to transfer payment to the Landlord on time. 

After this deadline is passed, we request that you add a credit card to secure your booking. 

What if I pass the deadline, but still transfer my payment? 

If payment is received before the event, we will use these funds for your booking. 

If the payment is not received by Credit Transfer, the card on file will be charged 48 hours before the event. 

What if I transfer payment and my credit card has been charged? 

  • We can credit the amount you transferred to your next booking. 

  • Alternatively, we can refund the credit card payment, which will return to you in a couple of working days 

What happens if my card payment fails?

  • We will be putting auto-cancellations into effect from January 2019. If your credit transfer payment hasn't been received, and your card payment fails or you haven't added a card, your booking will be cancelled. 

We will always give you a shout if there's an issue with your booking or payment by SMS or email. Don't be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions or queries by clicking the messaging button in the corner! 

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