What should I do after I confirm a booking?

Landlord Support: Confirmed bookings

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After you have confirmed a booking, the tenant receives an email to say they're good to go. 

It is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that all requirements are met by the tenant prior to their booking. Here's some of our best practices so that bookings have a smooth transition from Fillit to your space. 

Tip #1 - Stay in touch

If you have questions or instructions for the tenant, you can reach out to them by sending a Message on Fillit. 

You can also find their phone number and email by going to their Booking overview

Tip #2 - Make note of their arrival 

We recommend finding out the tenants arrival time and plans, so that they can set up quickly and easily. If you have a customer service desk or security, give them a heads up! 

It's great to let the tenant know where to go, who to ask for or what to do when they arrive. 

Tip #3 - Ask the Fillit Team for Help 

If you have any issues at all on the day of the event, or after the event, reach out to the Fillit team. We're here to help. 

Tip #4 - Keep an eye on the Bank Account 

Go to Account to add your bank account details. Once a booking goes ahead payment should land in your account within 1-2 working days. 

You can find remittance advice, and keep track of any payments going into your Bank account here. 

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