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I'm a landlord and I just received a pitch. What happens next?
I'm a landlord and I just received a pitch. What happens next?

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As a Landlord, if you receive an enquiry about your space, these are the next steps for you :)

Step 1

Review the pitch. If you're happy, either accept to hold the space, or, adjust the rate if needed. If the pitch isn't suitable, or, you require more info, just click 'Other’ and select from the dropdown menu.

Step 2

If you’ve accepted, the Tenant then needs to enter their credit card details to reserve the space. After this, contact details can be shared to chat about the finer details or arrange a site visit.

Step 3

If things don't work out, you can cancel completely free of charge up to your chosen cancellation period. Otherwise, payment will be automatically processed and will be held in escrow until the first day of the event takes place, after which the 5% Fillit service fee will be deducted and the rental fee will be transferred to the Landlord's bank account within 3-4 days.

If you have any more questions, contact us at or click the messaging button on the bottom-right corner, we are always happy to help you!

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